CASA MAIAC Living is located on the southwestern slopes of Kosmaj Mountain, a mere 40-minute drive from Belgrade.

The combination of being able to spend time in nature while having the convenience of an urban centre nearby is not only trendy, but a realistic requirement of healthy and modern living.

Surrounded by unspoilt nature
200 metres from Kosmaj Forest with over 30 km of walking/hiking trails
Excellent infrastructure, not just in terms of the community itself, but also in terms of the surroundings

The second highest peak in the Šumadija region is Kosmaj, at 626 m above sea level.

In addition to more than 30 km of forest trails, Kosmaj is home to a large number of historical sights. This region is also known as the Holy Mountain of Kosmaj or Mount Athos of Despot Stefan. There are three monasteries, six churches and several monastery and church ruins in the Municipality of Sopot alone!

Covered in deciduous forests, mostly oak and beech.

According to the Ecological Society Kosmaj in Sopot, Kosmaj Mountain is rich with 95 sources of drinking water, 551 species of plant and as many as 300 species of fungi.

The Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

Located in the village of Nemenikuće. This stone shrine is dedicated to the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The church we see today, the third to be rebuilt on this location, was restored in just 4 years in 1868. The churchyard includes Cleopatra’s Fountain with healing water, which is the reason for frequent crowds at this location, as people from all over Serbia come to visit this site.

Monastery Tresije

The monastery was built in 1309 during the reign of King Dragutin. It was dedicated to the assembly of Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel and was named after the stream which runs along the monastery itself.

Pavlovac Monastery

was named after the stream that runs nearby in the Village of Koraćica. It was built by Despot Stefan Lazarević in the 15 century.

This monastery was buried under stone and gravel until two decades ago after which it was rebuilt following archeological excavations.


A ‘vidikovac’ [in english: lookout point/observation deck] is a wooden cottage or tower, several storeys high. It provides access to phenomenal views of the entire Šumadija region.

Borikić Old Mill

A preserved wooden mill owned by the Borikić family, which was built in 1874 on the river Trnava is located in the Village Nemenikuće.

The mill stopped working in 1993. The river that used to run in this spot has been replaced by a stream but the mill has been preserved in memory of past times.

White Stone Monument and Memorial Ossuary

Built to commemorate the warriors of the Timok Division who fell in the battles in the defense of Belgrade in 1914.