The 4,528 m² of recreational space offers something for everyone.

Grown-ups can choose between spending quality time with their children in communal spaces or in the privacy of their own back yards, while children spend many happy hours with their peers, developing both body and mind.

Swimming Pool and Gazebo/Barbeque Nook

Each lot includes a pool area and/or accompanying gazebo or barbeque nook.

Whether it is a full day of fun with your friends or family pool fun that you’re after, this space offers privacy and a spot where you, your family and your friends can spend hours of fun in the open, fresh air.

Recreation Centre

The communal sports and recreational space includes a basketball court that easily transforms into volleyball, handball or mini football (futsal) courts.

Each future owner will be able to invite their friends to play a little basketball, or pass on their love of sports to their neighbour.

Outdoor Gym

Both children and adults enjoy outdoor activities. For this reason, we have set aside some of the recreational space to build an outdoor gym. This area is equipped with many different kinds of exercising devices offering something for everyone.

Toddler Playground (up to the age of 3)

We have created a separate play area for the smallest members of the family. Toddlers are free here to climb and explore various equipment specifically designed for small children.

Adventure Park for Children

The main idea and driving force behing this project is the idea that children need to spend time in nature while growing up, and this time needs to be of such substance that they won’t want to turn to modern technology or go back indoors.

Most of the recreational content is located in forested area, and most of it stands along side a natural stream. It is in this type of ambience that children will find various forms of entertainment such as climing frames, suspension bridges, obstacles, labyrinths, balancing beams, amphitheater all made of logs, the purpose of which is to get children together and socialise. This area includes a multitude of other wooden objects are here to exercise the body and spark the imagination.

Relaxing – together

There are several areas for socialising with friends and neighbours. Those who love these types of spots have wooden park benches, lounging chairs, spiral staircases wrapped around trees, for sitting and chatting on, available to them 24/7.