Casa Maiac offers high quality comfortable living along with security and daily maintenance, located at the very edge of the Kosmaj Forest. Secure surroundings that include your very own private yard and swimming pool and communal areas that include play areas, making this space ideal for families with children.

Casa Maiac is the ancient Roman name for Kosmaj. According to legend, it is believed that this region was home to Maja, the goddess of nature and spring – translated to ‘Casa Maiac’.

All in one place

A natural environment

Surrounded by untouched nature nestled along the edge of forest land

Ideal for the family

Multi-functional recreational space that offers something for everyone of all ages

24/7 security

Giving you peace of mind day and night

365-day a year maintenance

Both home and yard are taken care of

Enriched surroundings

Over 30 km of hiking trails through forested area, tens of monasteries and churches and historical monuments within the vicinity, just a few hundred meters to a few kilometres away from the development itself

Located within the vicinity of nearby urban centres

Casa Maiac Living is just 40 minutes away from Belgrade, 10 minutes from the Town of Sopot and 15 minutes from Mladenovac, making this an ideal spot to live and vacation, in a peaceful natural environment whenever you feel the need to get away

26.162 m2

Casa Maiac Living stretches across

4.528 m2

of recreational space



Types of properties available

Four types of houses available on a total of 14 lots:
Type 1 – two-bedroom bungalows (2 properties of this type), Type 2 – three-bedroom bungalows (3 properties of this type), Type 3 – four-bedroom bungalows (5 properties of this type), Type 4 – three-bedroom 2-storey house (4 properties of this type)

Type 1

Total area
141.08 m²
Living room
21.85 m²
Master bedroom
17.38 m²
8.03 m²

Type 2

Total area
168.95 m²
Living room
23.57 m²
Master bedroom
15.24 m²
8.00 m²

Type 3

Total area
186.07 m²
Living room
26.07 m²
Master bedroom
16.05 m²
8.00 m²

Type 4

Total area
291.52 m²
Living room
30.25 m²
Master bedroom
19.41 m²
10.24 m²

Investor and Associates